Aluminum Windows and Doors

Aluminum has become the most commonly used material for window frame and door frames these days. The benefits are clear to see comparing with old style steel frame and UPVC frame. It's durable and Strong; it's much more flexible; it's easily maintenance; it's environment friendly, etc. Thus, the profiles of aluminum windows and doors become the popular material for commercial and residential projects.

Guangyuan has generate various types of profiles about aluminum windows and doors. For example, casement window & door profiles, sliding window & door profiles, Tilt and Turn window profiles, folding door profiles. Especially, there are more than 20 sections for casement window& door profiles, and more than 25 sections for sliding window & door profiles. Beside the fixed catalog, Guangyuan are also a customized aluminium doors and windows manufacturers. We can manufacture your own design base on customer’s drawings. At the same time, Gunagyuan also prepare multiple surface treatment methods, which can be utilized on aluminium window profiles and aluminium door frame profiles. For examples, anodizing oxidation、powder coating、sand blasting, polished and others.

Being a professional aluminium doors and windows manufacturers,all the profiles are comply with ISO、CQM、IAF、CNAS standard. Guangyuan are doing the best to develop more product options to customers with best quality.

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