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Architectural Aluminium Profiles

Architectural Aluminium Profiles

Guangyuan Aluminium is a professional aluminum profile company integrating the research and development, production, and sales of aluminum extrusions. Mainly specialized in the production of architectural aluminum profiles, decorative aluminum profiles, heat dissipation aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles, aerospace and military special aluminum profiles, aluminum door and window systems, aluminum furniture, etc.

Especially, due to the rapid development of China, construction projects are being invested in everywhere. Thus, architectural aluminum profiles play an important role in Guangyuan Aluminium's annual output, which occupies about seventy percent. Guangyuan Aluminium has cooperated with many well-known properties, and our architectural aluminum profiles have contributed to different types of projects, both in China and the world.

The main architectural aluminum profiles are categorized into five species, which are: aluminum windows and doors profile, aluminum curtain wall, furniture aluminum profiles, aluminum bars and tubes, balcony aluminum railing, and aluminum profile office partition. please click on the detailed product to find if any interest you. 

Industrial Aluminium Profiles

Industrial Aluminium Profiles

Industrial aluminium profiles refer to the profiles which are for industrial usage. It's common to see in our life because of its wide range of usages. Industrial aluminium profiles can be applied to different industries likes, aerospace field, machine Parts, transportation, marine, solar & renewable energy, structural components, etc.

Guangyuan Aluminium mainly manufacture architectural aluminum profiles since it was established. But due to the development of our company strength and the expansion of our technician teams and R&D team, different kinds of industrial aluminum profiles have come out and improved nowadays. Our company is trying out to develop and gather various industrial aluminum profiles in order to complete our system catalog and fulfill customers' demands.

The profiles of the aluminum heat sink and aluminum t-slot profile are the kinds of industrial aluminum profiles that we used to manufacture the most in recent years. We sell all over China and even to the world. Our company provides 6061, 6063, alloy, and T5, T6 tempering treatment. Generally, industrial aluminum profiles will be mill-finished and anodized, and powder coating. The anodizing thickness is up to 25um and the powder coating thickness is more than 60um. Our deep processing workshop is also provided cutting, punching, drilling, and other services. We can make it according to the shape and mold design and drawings provided by the customer.

Aluminium Window and Door System

Aluminium Window and Door System

Established in 2017, DEYUANNUO door and window system is a sub-brand of Guangyuan Aluminium. DEYUANNUO is a young team with energy and power working together with our customers. We fabricate a complete window or door with aluminum extrusions from Guangyuan Aluminium, glass from the great Chinese Glazing company, and accessories from the world's top brands, KINLONG and SIEGENIA. 

An entire range of aluminium window and door systems i.e. sliding, openable, tilt & turn, and sliding folding with the depth of the profiles running from 55mm to 138mm to suit different conditions of opening sizes, wind load, smooth operability, and of course affordability. Each system window with its unique properties shuts out disturbances like water, mosquito, noise, and dust thereby aesthetically ensuring a good view of the outside, good functionality and safety, filling your home with complete comfort! 

With our aluminium window and door system, we do: 

1. Share your drawings, our technician team will help match the best profile section and the suitable thickness.  

2. Confirm the glazing information, ie, glass thickness? tempered glass? double glass? Etc. 

3. Choose the color and pattern of the glass and profile.

4. Select your ideal hardware. 

Aluminium Furniture

Aluminium Furniture

Aluminum furniture is becoming a new trend emerged in China in these recent years. Most people will simply think that there is nothing special about aluminum furniture because it can be seen everywhere. Their definition of aluminum furniture might be a furniture product made up of aluminum components. But Guangyuan Aluminium endows a new meaning for aluminum furniture, which is fully assembled by aluminium furniture profiles, aluminum panels and other spare parts such as stainless-steel hinges, carbon steel or aluminum handle, and the casting aluminum pulley or support leg. 

Guangyuan Aluminium has started up a new department called the aluminum furnishing department in recent years. There are specialized technical teams and workers responsible for the production, assembly, and after-sales services of all-aluminum furniture. Guangyuan Aluminium has worked out a completed section of aluminium furniture profiles, cooperated with different well-known accessory factories, and come out with different styles of designs for putting aluminum furniture on the agenda.

Aluminium furniture profiles can be designed for various functional furniture, such as aluminum wardrobe cabinets, aluminum cloakrooms, aluminum office cabinets, aluminium kitchen cabinets, aluminium bathroom cabinets, shoes, desks, etc. We also provide customized services. Showing us your dimension or drawings, and we will design and fabricate your beloved, suitable furniture.

Why Choose Aluminum Furniture 

- Long-lasting performance

-  Chemical resistant

-  Waterproof and fireproof

-  Choices in colors and designs

Two ways to supply products:

- Offering high-quality aluminium furniture profiles, aluminum panels, and accessories for customers.

- Provide finished customized products.

CNC Aluminium Profile

CNC Aluminium Profile

Guangyuan Aluminium is mainly specialized in the development, production, and marketing of aluminum extrusions and CNC aluminium profiles. Our products include architectural aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles, and CNC aluminum profiles.

Our factory has introduced advanced production equipment from overseas countries, including automatic vertical spraying production lines, automatic anodizing and electrophoresis production lines, 5,000MT extruding machine. We can customize different surface treatments for the customers. We have got approval for our products through some international inspection institutes and achieved international certificates.

With around 30 years of experience in manufacturing aluminum extrusions and CNC aluminum profiles, we are famous for our product quality, prompt delivery time, and excellent after-sales service. CNC aluminum profile is our promising business scope, we have professional technicians to complete the difficult deep processing for the aluminum profiles, such as CNC aluminum profiles, punching aluminum profiles, welding aluminum profiles, machining aluminum profiles, etc. We are looking forward to receiving more inquiries about CNC aluminum profiles from customers all over the world.



Established in 1993, Guangyuan Aluminium is an experienced supplier of aluminum profiles. Guangyuan Aluminium is a large-scale comprehensive aluminum profile supplier integrating R&D, production, and sales of aluminum extrusions. We specialize in the production of various aluminum alloy products, which are mainly divided into four categories: architectural aluminium profiles, industrial aluminium profiles, aluminium window and door system, and aluminium furniture.

With powerful production strength, this large-scale aluminum profile supplier has achieved an annual output of 150,000 tons and has improved the product quality of more than 500 series and 10,000 specifications. Eight categories of surface treatment plants are well prepared in Guangyuan Aluminium, such as anodizing, electrophoretic coating, sandblasting, single double salt coloring, simulated wood texture, powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying, and heat insulation.

With the joint efforts of everyone, Guangyuan Aluminum has become one of the world's first-class suppliers of aluminum profiles. The products have been well sold in more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions all over the country and Southeast Asia, and Australia.

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About Guang Yuan - Aluminum Profiles Supplier


Great Aluminum Profile Manufacturer Enterprise

Founded in 1993, Guangyuan Aluminium is an experienced aluminum profile manufacturer and has established a complete sales network in the domestic market. For now, we are spreading the sales network all over the world. We provide wholesale service, OEM/ODM service, and look for cooperated with famous groups for joining big projects.

Great Aluminum Profile Manufacturer Enterprise

Founded in 1993, Guangyuan Aluminium is an experienced aluminum profile manufacturer and has established a complete sales network in the domestic market. For now, we are spreading the sales network all over the world. We provide wholesale service, OEM/ODM service, and look for cooperated with famous groups for joining big projects.

Great Aluminum Profile Manufacturer Enterprise

Founded in 1993, Guangyuan Aluminium is an experienced aluminum profile manufacturer and has established a complete sales network in the domestic market. For now, we are spreading the sales network all over the world. We provide wholesale service, OEM/ODM service, and look for cooperated with famous groups for joining big projects.


Guangyuan Aluminium Co., Ltd. as the Chinese top 10 aluminum profile manufacturer will never stop the beat on devoting into more professional way. We are dedicated to become becoming even a top 10 Aluminum Profile Manufacturers in the world. Thus, the R&D innovation center is doing various international marketing research in order to develop more products and attract more foreign customers. And we will participate in a more famous international exhibition, and seek chances to cooperate with international groups for gaining more focus.

Besides being in line with the international convention, Guangyuan will also pay more attention to our labors. Regular activities will be held to enrich labors’ lives; Professional training will be arranged to make them achieve their career goals. A healthy and green diet will be prepared to improve their living quality, etc.

As we mentioned above, if you are interested in Guangyuan, please click on the ‘News’. The following are the news to provide customers with the latest industry information, enterprise dynamics, exhibition information, to facilitate customers to fully understand the information of Guangyuan for the first time.

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