Guangyuan Aluminium Co., Ltd was a great aluminum profile manufacturer enterprise since 1993. Thus, Guangyuan was a professionliam in manufacturing all kinfs of aluminium profiles, especially for architectural aluminium profiles, like windows, doors, and curtain walls. We cooperate with famous real estate group/properties, different organizations, governments, and others. Our projects involve all over China and even in the world. Guangyuan has took part in more than 60 projects in China and 20 projects in the world. Such as China’s Guangdong University of Finance & Economize, Ordos Fengshangfeng,Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital, Kuwait United Tower, Doha Hotel, etc.
Guangyuan is looking for more distributors in different areas, and will cooperate with more international groups in the future. There will be more and more upcoming projects be post on here, and please click in to see what happens.
  • 171 Collins Street,Sydaney,Australia

  • Kuwait United Tower

  • Capel Street,Australia

  • Pacific International Of Shunde

  • Taixin Garden Baoting Sanya Hainan

  • Country Garden Fogang Guangdong

  • Waldo Western Flower Court

  • Kunlun Mansion

  • Ding Guangyu Hyatt House

  • Zhong An Ideal Bay

  • Foshan metro Financial Center

  • Ningbo Hangzhouwan Century Jinyuan Hotel





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