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  • - Mill Finish, Anodizing, Electrophoresis, Powder Coating, Polishing, Brush, Wood Grain, Fluorocarbon Coating, etc.
  • - Deep Processing, Precise Cutting, Drilling, Bending, Punching, CNC and Aluminium Alloy Profile Fabrication
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PRODUCT Description

Pay attention in stamping production of aluminum CNC profile

1. First of all, we should do a good job in 5S, especially cleaning, including mold, punch table, assembly line and packaging materials. Aluminium CNC turning parts must be no sharp debris, no dirt, regular cleaning and rectification, mold up and down must be cleaned, no debris.

2. CNC aluminum profile are easy to get hot and hard together, so when aluminium punching and aluminium drilling, it is necessary to apply pressure oil to the material supplier before stamping.

3. For extruded aluminium cnc machining with more punching holes, it is necessary to clean the surface of the die, so that the die and aluminum cnc parts can be kept clean and free of impurities, and the top damage can be reduced. If the top damage is found, the problem points of the die top damage must be found and solved, and the production can continue.

4. Aluminum chips will be produced in the pushing block of the flattening die, so the aluminum chips under the pushing block must be clear in daily production.

The advantages and disadvantages of aluminium CNC machining are as follows

Advantages: ① greatly reduce the number of tooling, complex tooling is not needed to process complex parts. If we want to change the shape and size of the parts, we only need to modify the processing program of the extruded aluminum CNC part, which is suitable for the development and modification of new products.

② The machining quality is stable, the aluminium CNC machining accuracy is high, and the repetition accuracy is high, which can meet the machining requirements of aircraft.

③ In the case of multi variety and small batch production, the production efficiency is high, which can reduce the time of production preparation, machine adjustment and process inspection, and reduce the aluminium cutting time due to the use of the best cutting quantity.

④ It can process complex surface which is difficult to be processed by conventional methods, and even process some parts which cannot be observed.

Aluminum extrusion profile has been widely used in various industries because of its high production efficiency, large capacity and excellent processing performance. Aluminum profile is designed and manufactured according to the profile product section, and the heated round casting aluminum bar is extruded from the die by the extruder. The extruded aluminium profiles should be further processed according to the specific needs of aluminum profile products.

Mainly includes the following processing technology:

Aluminum pipe series common deep processing: bending, shrinking, expanding, chamfering, drilling, tapping, etc;

Aluminum CNC precision machining: groove milling, hole milling, etc. (mainly used for aluminum cnc machining parts, aluminium electronic radiator and other aluminum products with high machining accuracy requirements);

Other deep processing: sawing, CNC car, aluminum CNC stamping, aluminum CNC drilling, aluminum CNC welding, aluminum CNC bending, aluminum CNC stretch bending, fine drawing, etc.

We know that the characteristics of traditional machining, is generally manual operation, ordinary machine tool operation machinery processing, so aluminum extrusion cnc processing need to use manual operation, shaking the mechanical handle to make the tool cut metal to complete the processing target. In the operation, we need to use the caliper and other tools to measure and fix the processing hole position of the aluminium cnc machining parts, so the precision of the Aluminium precision CNC is not high. Especially when the aluminum CNC machining has many holes and high precision, it is difficult to reach the standard.

The use of aluminum CNC machining center is not the same, it is a programming control of automatic machine tools. Through the programming control system, we can logically process and control the code and symbol instructions, decode them through the computer, cut the aluminum extrusion profile products through the cutter according to the designed action, and process the blank into semi-finished parts. Through aluminum CNC machining center processing products, high precision can reach 0.01mm. Any part of the smooth aluminum cutting, aluminum tapping and so on can be removed without high precision.

Because the advantage of aluminum CNC machining parts center is particularly obvious, more and more enterprises prefer the aluminum CNC punching parts processed by aluminum CNC profile machining center to be used in mechanical equipment. Especially for a small number of samples, when the accuracy requirements and hole position are asymmetric, aluminum CNC machining can solve the urgent problem.

General industrial aluminum profiles need more deep processing, generally used for equipment accessories, aluminum support parts and so on. Processing methods are: aluminum cnc milling, aluminum cnc cutting, aluminium cnc drilling, aluminium cnc tapping, aluminium cnc stamping, aluminium cnc bending etc. The deep processing equipment includes drilling machine, milling machine, punch machine and CNC machine tool, commonly known as "machining center". Because the aluminum profile processing center needs to process long materials, it adopts vertical processing, which can process 6m long materials.

Deep-precision methods are mainly used as following:

1.Aluminum profile cutting

The standard size of industrial aluminum profile is 6020mm. To be processed into various production line equipment, it needs to be cut according to the requirements of technical parameters. Aluminum profile cutting is the first finishing process, which needs to be cut into various specifications and sizes according to the requirements of technical parameters. The cutting accuracy is the largest.

It can reach ±0.5mm, aluminum profile cnc cutting equipment and operators will directly affect the aluminum extrusion profile cutting accuracy; Commonly used cutting processes for aluminum cnc profiles include 90-degree right-angle cutting, 45-degree angle cutting, and 135-degree angle cutting processes. It can also be cut into different angles according to customer needs to achieve assembly of different regular angles;

2: Aluminium CNC Punching

Industrial aluminum profiles have a variety of connection methods, which need to be punched according to different connection methods. Common aluminium drilling methods include through holes and stepped holes. Through aluminum cnc punching holes are mainly used for fastening connections of common bolts (half-round head) and stepped holes. Mainly used for the fastening connection of special dedicated connectors (built-in connectors, inner connectors);  

As aluminum cnc punching the hardness of aluminum alloy profile is not as high as that of hard metal, it is relatively soft, so the difficulty of punching is relatively low and it is easy to punch. However, low hardness will also cause burrs to easily appear. The burrs are generally on the edge of the hole, so the aluminum profile needs to be removed after the hole is punched. It is also very convenient to use a special deburring knife.

3: Aluminium CNC Tapping 

Aluminum profile tapping processing is to perform thread tapping on the tapping holes at the end of the extruded aluminum profile according to the technical requirements of the design drawings, which are used for the fastening connection of the later frame. The commonly used specifications of tapping holes are φ6, φ8, φ10, φ12, φ14 Etc., the depth of the hole is determined by the length of the bolt, usually M8, M12, M14, M16, etc.;

4: Aluminium CNC milling

The conventional frame assembly of aluminum extrusion profiles does not need to be processed by aluminum CNC milling, but in special circumstances, non-standard aluminum CNC parts and aluminum profiles are used in conjunction with each other, and when the functions are expanded, the aluminum profiles need to be CNC processed according to aluminum CNC milling technical requirements;

The reason why the jet cleaning process of CNC aluminum profiles is high 

That reason is the staff must check the operating status every day, observe the process parameters at all times, and strictly implement the operating procedures.

    Secondly, pay attention to the spray cleaning quality of aluminum cnc profiles: during the degreasing process, the surface of the workpiece has residual liquid. If it is not cleaned, the product quality will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the residual liquid from the surface of the workpiece, which is called water washing.

    In industrial production, in order to save water, the washing water is generally recycled, so the washing will gradually be contaminated by the cleaning agent. At this time, we must pay attention to the quality of the aluminum cnc machining parts after washing.

In the cleaning process of CNC machining aluminum profiles, to minimize the degree of pollution, first of all, it is necessary to minimize the contamination of the next process with cleaning fluid on the workpiece. In addition, multi-stage washing should be considered, generally two-stage washing, and some processes still use pure water washing.

The requirement of CNC machining aluminum parts skills is that the control system can logically process the program specified by the control code or other symbolic instructions and decode it by the computer so that the machine tool can move and process parts. The blank is processed into semi-finished products through tool cutting.

Aluminum CNC cutting is cutting for precision machining of aluminum extrusion profiles, a more reasonable processing method is also a common processing method. It uses end mills with multi-directional cutting functions, spiral cutting interpolation and contour cutting interpolation. It uses some tools to perform a small number of holes CNC aluminum punching Processing.

Ball end mills combined with spiral interpolation can be used for continuous processing of taper holes; ball end mills and spiral interpolation drills can be used for boring and chamfering;, can be used for semi-precision machining and precision parts processing; End mills and spiral interpolation methods for thread processing can be used to machine various threaded holes.

If high-efficiency aluminum CNC precision parts are processed for high-precision holes of any size, the tool interpolation function can be used. Especially when high-speed aluminium milling is used, the load on each tooth is relatively small, so the same coated carbide end mill can be used for high-speed and high-precision hole processing of various aluminum cnc turning parts processing materials.

In the aluminum CNC machining process of aluminum shell, it is necessary to master the machining process and painting skills.

Choose a reasonable amount of cutting, the staff will choose the cutting speed to be used according to the material to be processed, hardness, cutting state, material type, cutting depth, etc. These conditions are necessary to effectively reduce machine wear.

Choose the right tool. Generally speaking, when roughing, it is best to choose a tool with high strength and durability to better meet the requirements of roughing.




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