Architectural Aluminum Profiles

Guangyuan Aluminium produces a large number of architectural profiles used in construction fields. The main architectural aluminum extrusions are categorized into five species, which are: aluminum windows and doors profiles, aluminum curtain walls, furniture aluminum profiles, aluminum bars and tubes, balcony aluminum railing, and aluminum profile office partitions. Our architectural aluminium profiles are available in a variety of finishes which contain mill finish, clear anodized, electrolytic anodizing, powder-coating, PVDF painting, and woodgrain finish. We also offer fabrication services of customized architectural aluminum extrusions based on your needs. Guangyuan Aluminium has cooperated with many well-known properties, and our architectural profiles have contributed to different types of projects in China and the world.

Due to its structure and cost advantages, aluminum profiles have become the basic materials in the construction industry. Since architectural profiles can form complex shapes on continuous long films, they can be used for various building materials. The applications of architectural profiles range from railings to building exterior walls. Architectural aluminum extrusions are strong, lightweight, durable, and highly corrosion-resistant. Architectural profiles do not need to be painted or stained regularly to maintain their weather resistance.

The construction industry is one of the main markets for aluminum profiles. One of the main advantages of the architectural profiles is corrosion resistance and durability. In the building structure, especially in modern high-rise civil buildings and large-scale public buildings with large spans and thin shell structures, the aluminum alloy structure has obvious advantages compared with the steel structure. Architectural aluminum extrusions have good plasticity and formability and can be processed into various specifications and shapes in large quantities in cold and hot conditions by various pressure processing methods (extrusion, rolling, forging and stamping, etc.).

Aluminum extrusions are used widely within the building industry. The strength, low density, corrosion resistance, and design flexibility of aluminum make it an ideal material for building applications. Architectural profiles play an important role in many modern architectural projects. They are used for applications such as roofing, wall, door and window, interior and exterior decorative panels, partitions, railings for industrial and civil buildings, handrails, interior furniture, decorative materials, and structural components, etc.

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