Aluminum Solar Panel Frame

Guangdong Guangyuan Aluminium Co., Ltd is a professional aluminum profile manufacturer , which is specialized in manufacturing aluminum solar panel frame, solar panel flat roof mounting frame, aluminium extrusions for solar panels

Aluminium profiles are widely used in many different fields, especially solar energy. Large quantities of aluminum solar panel frame are exported to overseas countries every year. We also cooperated with many aluminum solar panel frame factories domestically and abroad.

We produce aluminum solar panel frame with anodized finish, we can also supply you with accessories for solar panel frames, which can be installed together. If the customers require aluminum solar panel frames with CNC machining, it’s available for us to produce the fabricated aluminum solar panel frames. The standard packing for export is protection film and carton package outside.

 We have produced aluminum solar panel frames for around 30 years, and the surface treatment and aluminium quality are more stable among the competitors in aluminium industry.

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