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Aluminium furniture is becoming a new trend emerged in China during these recent years. Most people will simply think that there is nothing special for aluminium furniture because it can be seen everywhere. Their definitions of aluminium furniture might be a furniture product which made up with aluminum components. But Guangyuan endows a new meaning for aluminium furniture, which is fully assembled by aluminium furniture profiles, aluminum panels and other spare parts such as stainless-steel hinges, carbon steel or aluminum handle, and the casting aluminum pulley or support leg. 

Guangyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd has start up a new department called Aluminum Furnishing Department in recent years. There are specialized technical teams and workers responsible for the production, assembly, and after-sales services of all-aluminium furniture. Guangyuan has worked out a completed section of aluminium furniture profiles, cooperated with different well-known accessory factories, came out different style of designs for putting aluminium furniture in agenda. 

Aluminium furniture profiles can be designed to various functional furniture, such as aluminum wardrobe cabinet, aluminum cloakroom, aluminum office cabinet , aluminium kitchen Cabinet, aluminium Bathroom Cabinet, shoes, desks, ETC. We also provide customized services. Showing us your dimension or drawings, we will design and fabricate your beloved, suitable furniture.

Why Choose Aluminium Furniture 
-  Long lasting performance
-  Chemical resistant
-  Waterproof and fireproof
-  Choices in colors and designs

Two ways to supply products:
- Offering high quality aluminium furniture profiles, aluminum panel, accessories for customers. Assembling with direction by customers, 
- Offering a finished customized product.

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