Guangyuan aluminum Co., Ltd divided the products into four main categories: architectural aluminium profiles, industrial aluminium profiles, Aluminium Window and Door System, and Completed Aluminium furniture.
Among the categories, architectural aluminium profiles take over 60 percentages of the products. It separates into five specific products which are: Aluminum Windows and Doors, Aluminium Curtain wall, furniture aluminium profiles, Aluminum Bars and Tubes, extruded aluminum rails, Aluminum Partition. We have more than 80 sections profiles for Aluminum Windows And Doors and Aluminium Curtain wall. Some are with heat insulation function, which makes it saving more energy. Others are with normal function will best use for large-scale projects which have a more competitive price for constructors. And, Guangyuan has develop more than 20 sections of extruded aluminum rails, and different sizes of Aluminum Bars and Tubes.
Industrial aluminium profiles are widely use in everywhere. It can be used in aerospace, military area. Whereas, it can be used in daily life stuffs. Thus, Guangyuan is actively explore and investigate in industrial aluminium profiles, which hope to bring more new items to customers.
Aluminium Window and Door System, and Completed Aluminium furniture are two new categories in Guangyuan. We established our own Aluminium Window and Door System’s brand called DEYUANNUO; We work over our own system; We cooperate with famous international accessory brand, KINLONG and SIEGENIA. We promise our customer with low cost and a comfortable view. At the same time, environmentally friendly is a trend nowadays. Guangyuan strictly follow this trend, utilize Aluminum profiles instead of traditional wood to create furniture. We make a study of various kind of furniture, from a single shelf to a whole set of rooms. Once customer share drawings, we would customize your unique rooms with full set of Aluminium furniture.
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