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  • 2020-08-13
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Aluminum t-slot extrusions are a quick and simple way to perform construction on the home. With easy assembly and a sleek design, these extrusions will be your new favorite workstation, set of stairs, or any other home improvement you decide to make. Guangyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd. (Guagyuan in short) is a company based in Foshan, China. We’ve delivered our products as far as South America, and we are dedicated to your satisfaction as our customer. As one of the leading t-slot aluminum extrusion manufacturers, we’re here to tell you why you should be designing with aluminum.

Sleek Design

Our aluminum t-slot extrusions offer something that can only be achieved when using a metal like aluminum. The sleek look of our products is a favorite feature among customers, and it will impress your guests when they see your new décor. If you’re looking for an interesting and modern way to update your home, look no further than our products. Our aesthetically pleasing extrusions will look amazing while lasting a long time.

Assemble with Ease

One of the best things about our products is how easy they are to put together. Often times, home improvement projects can be overwhelming, and you need the help of friends, family, or even professionals. With our extrusions, you’ll have your projects done in a breeze. The grooves in the sides of the t-slot extrusions offer an easy way for anyone to assemble them. You will no longer have to pay workers for long labor hours; instead you will be able to save your money and complete projects the way you want them to be done.


Easy to Clean

Decorating with metals is the perfect way to give yourself one less thing to worry about, and that thing is cleaning. Cleaning things like wood or other popular building materials is simply not as easy. Think of it as a choice between cleaning linoleum flooring versus carpeting. The linoleum will be far easier to clean, and therefore last a lot longer. Our aluminum t-slot extrusions are the solution to making your life easier both today and in the future.

We Work Quickly

We, at Guangyuan, know that you want to get started on home renovations as soon as possible, so we work to make your dreams a reality as quickly as we can. Our promise to you is that: We can have your shipment on the way to you within 25 days of you ordering it. In a little under a month, we are able to customize your order to and ship it to you.

Quick and professional work is always guaranteed when you order from us, and our products are as reliable as we are. You can trust that your aluminum t-slot extrusions will last a long time, so there won’t be a remodeling job you have to re-do every few years. You can trust our products for heavy-duty jobs such as building a staircase, and you won’t ever have to worry about them failing. Your faith in us will not be misplaced when you choose Guangyuan as your supplier.

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