Your First - Choice Aluminium Profile Manufacturing Professionalism

1. Production Lead Time Assurance

Guangyuan Aluminium is an experienced aluminum extrusion factory with more than 27 years experiences. We continuous accumulate experience, improving skills to make ourselves become better and better. Thus, we call ourselves the professionalism in the area of aluminium profile manufacturing.

A qualified aluminium profile manufacturing product should go through at least 5 processes than received by customers. We fist, sourcing the best raw material,which is aluminum ingot. Second, forming the aluminum ingot into aluminum billet through melting, casting, and homogenizing process. Third, extruding the profile into a certain shape, and place it to age in a certain temperature and times. Forth, modifying the aluminum profiles surface through sandblasting, brush, polishing, anodizing, electrophoretic, powder coated, etc. Fifth, screening and packing the qualified goods, then place it into the warehouse sixth, delivering to worldwide.

Guangyuan as a leading aluminum extrusion factory, we promise our customer with the qualify products, best service, and the on time delivery. Our company insists on the combination of lean production and high-efficiency shipping time. The general production cycle is 10 days mold unloading, 1-2 days sample confirmation, 15 days production extrusion +surface treatment +packing, 15 -30 days shipping.

Production Lead Time Assurance

2. The Advanced Production Equipment

Guangyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd, the leading aluminum extrusion factory have full range of the most advanced manufacturing equipment and material testing and inspection facilities which are introduced from Italy, Germany, U.S., Japan, Switzerland, and Israel. The following are what we own:

Italian Trevisan Cormetal double hauling machine and auxiliary equipment

U.S.Azon glue injection and heat insulation equipment

Swiss Gema solid spraying equipment

Swiss Eurotec horizontal spray coating equipment

Japanese Ransburg fluorocarbon spray painting equipment

Israel by Romidot scanners

German Spectro direct reading spectrometers.

With the most advanced production equipment and powerful production strength, Guangyuan aluminum supplier provides 10,000 specifications, over 500 series and 8 categories of surface treatments. Especially, aluminum anodized and aluminum powder coating are the two most popular surface treatments. Beside, Aluminum wood grain finish is mostly used in the Chinese house. Its surface looks like real wood, but it’s more durable and sustainable. Guangyuan are still on the way seeking the best technology and equipment from outside in order to serve our customer with excellent aluminium profile manufacturing products.

The most Advanced Manufacturing Equipment and Material Testing and Inspection Facilities

3. Product Quality Management Center

Hanson Liang, who is the CEO of Guangyuan Aluminum said, “Product is the key, quality is the foundation, and quality is the life of the enterprise.” Guangyuan Aluminum became an experienced aluminum extrusion factory which attribute to the rule that the CEO introduced and has passed the ISO9001 International Quality Management System, the Environmental Management System, and won other honors.

Guangyuan has engaged in quality control, in which established a high level standard of the all kind of products or services, and set up a team of worker focus on testing products and observing service being done. We insisted that our aluminium profile manufacturing goods are smooth and shine without any other faults. We insisted all the deep processing works are in precise measurement. Once the products or services that did not meet Guangyuan’s standard, job of a quality control team might involve stopping production or service until the problem has been corrected.

Product Quality Management Center

4. Product R&D Innovation Center

Guangyuan as an experienced aluminum extrusion factory, which has developed a complete catalog of aluminium profile manufacturing products for customer.  More than 100 sections of architectural aluminium profiles, more than 50 sections of industrial aluminium profiles and others are written in our catalog. In order to make those section unique and became favorable in a different market, R&D center plays an important role in doing marketing research and product improvement.

Through R&D center, Guangyuan has developed its own advantage over competitors and established itself as leaders in the market. Also, because of the R&D center, it helps to strengthen our brand and reputation. Guangyuan’s R&D center will become stronger by recruiting elites. And those elites will keep developing and fulfilling our products, to make Guangyuan in a leading market position.

Product R&D Innovation Center

5. Using the Great A quality Raw Material for Manufacturing Goods

Guangyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd, the leading aluminum extrusion factory are tightly complying all workmanship standards and using satisfactory raw materials during manufacturing. Especially, the use of great a class aluminum bar which contain 100% Al without any impurity content outcomes the results of the final aluminum profiles. With top quality of raw material, our mill finished aluminum profiles are extra brightening and harder than others, without any faults.

Using the Great A quality Raw Material for Manufacturing Goods

Using the Great A quality Raw Material for Manufacturing Goods

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