Other Industrial Aluminum Profile

Industrial aluminum profile refer to the profiles which are for industrial usages. It's commonly to see in our life because of it wide range of usages. industrial aluminum profile can be applied to different industries likes, aerospace field, machine Parts, transportation, marine, solar & renewable energy, structural components, etc.

Guangyuan used to manufacture industrial aluminum profile like Heatsink profiles, T slot profiles, glass railing profiles, solar panel profiles, etc. But due to the development of Guangyuan’ s company strength and the expansion of its technician teams, R&D Team, many other industrial aluminum profile have been come out and improved. Our company is trying out to develop and gather various Industrial aluminium profiles in order to completed our system catalog and fulfill customers' demand.

Guangyuan provides different kinds of surface treatment for the industrial aluminium profiles.
Mill finished and anodized, and powder coating are the most frequently used. The anodizing thickness is up to 25um and the powder coating thickness is more than 60um. Our deep processing workshop is also provided cutting, punching, drilling and other services. We can make according to the shape and mold design and drawings provided by the customer. 

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