Fluorocarbon Coating Aluminium Profile

  • - Place of Origin: Foshan, China
  • - Brand Name: GUANG YUAN
  • - Model Number: GY001
  • - Grade: 6000 Series
  • - Alloy or Not: Is Alloy
  • - Temper: T4-T6
  • - Surface Treatment:
  • - Fluorocarbon Coating Aluminium Profile
  • - Deep Processing, Precise Cutting, Drilling, Bending, Punching, CNC and Aluminium Alloy Profile Fabrication
  • - Quality Standard: China National Standard GB/T 5237-2008
  • - Quality Certificate: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, CQM Certification, SGS
  • - Use purpose: Construction Buildings, villas and residential houses

PRODUCT Description

The advantages of Fluorocarbon Coating Aluminium Profile 

1.Light and energy saving

2.Various colors for choice

3.Easy to fabricate and clean

With the rapid development of my country’s construction industry and the rise of curtain wall industry in my country, fluorocarbon coating aluminium profiles require multiple colors, the rise of aluminum curtain wall industry, especially after the realization that aluminum composite panels are not suitable for high-rise buildings, single-layer aluminum panels and aluminum The demand for fluorocarbon spray coating of profiles has increased exponentially from the early 1990s. It turned out that there were only two curium oil factories in Dongguan, Guangdong (ie fluorocarbon spraying professional factory). Since 1995, my country has increased to more than 30, and they are also crowded with manual and automated ones, large and small, and most are built in The coastal area. Not only has a professional spraying factory been established, but a few aluminum material factories and curtain wall companies have also invested in the construction of spraying factories, still maintaining a small and complete system. There are only more than a dozen officially put into production, with obvious quality differences.

In the past two years in China, fluorocarbon coating aluminium profiles have been widely used in aluminum curtain walls. Due to its excellent characteristics, it has attracted more and more attention from the construction industry and users. fluorocarbon coating aluminium profiles has excellent fading resistance, frost resistance, corrosion resistance against atmospheric pollution (acid rain, etc.), strong UV resistance, strong crack resistance and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Is beyond the reach of ordinary paint.

Various colors can be prepared. Features of powder coating aluminium profiles: manual spraying equipment, automatic hanging type, simple construction, coating thickness of more than 30 microns, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, etc., the price for powder coating aluminium profile is cheaper than the price for fluorocarbon coating aluminium profiles. The biggest weakness of powder spraying is that it is afraid of the sun's ultraviolet radiation. Long-term exposure will cause natural fading. The color difference between the sunny and non-sunward surfaces of aluminum plate is obvious after several years, and it usually produces obvious color difference in 2-5 years. Colored aluminum profiles appear on the market and are used for aluminum doors and windows, which are sprayed with ordinary aluminum profile powder.

In short: fluorocarbon coating aluminium profiles are relatively new product in our country. It is necessary to get a preliminary understanding of it in order to use it correctly. I hope that some new spraying lines in China will improve the technology, sum up experience, and steadily develop the fluorocarbon spraying business. . There are more than 30 spraying lines in China, and the annual spraying area has exceeded 4 million square meters. Supply exceeds demand, do not repeat the fluorocarbon spraying line in a short time

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Fluorocarbon Coating Aluminium Profile

Aluminum Alloy

6063, 6063A, 6061, 6463, 6463A, 6060, 6005, 6082, etc.


T4, T5, T6

Quality Standard

China National Standard GB/T 5237-2008 (High Precision Class), China National Standard GB/T 6892-2006(High Precision Class)

Quality Certificate

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, CQM Certification


Aluminum window and door frames, curtain walls, railings, furniture decoration, heat sinks, industrial parts, railway vehicles, etc.

Surface Treatment

Anodizing: Silver, champagne, bronze, black, gold, titanium, imitating steel, etc.

Electrophoresis: Sliver, champagne, black, golden, titanium, etc.

Power coating: RAL normal color, or customize customer color samples

Polishing: Mechanical polishing or chemical polishing

Wood Imitation: Normal wooden color or customized wooden color

Fluorocarbon Coating: AkzoNoble color or customize customer color samples

Deep Processing Ability

Drilling, punching, bending, CNC, aluminium alloy profile fabrication, Precise cutting etc.


500 kgs to 3,000 kgs

Packing Details

Protection film and hot shrink plastic film / EPE foam packing / brown paper packing / wooden packing / Metal pallet or depend on clients special requirement.

Payment Term

1) T/T: 30% of total value as deposit by T/T within 3 days to confirm the order, and the balance to be paid by T/T before loading the container.    

2) L/C: 30% of total value as deposit to be paid by T/T within 3 days to confirm the order, and the balance to be paid by L/C at sight after loading the container.  

3) Big order: Pay 30% of total value as deposit by T/T within 3 day to confirm the order, and the balance to be paid by T/T after delivery against the copy of B/L.

Shipping Methods

Ocean shipment, air shipment, land transportation and multi-transportation, etc.


Standard Packing

1) Protection film and hot shrink plastic film

2) EPE foam packed separately

3) Protection film and brown paper

4) Protection film and poly bag and hot shrink plastic film

Special Packing

1) Standard package and carton package

2) Standard package and wooden pallet and steel trolley

3) Standard package and wooden crate and steel trolley


Standard Loading Quantity



Max. length: 5.85 meters

Max. length: 12 meters

10-12 Tons

22-26 Tons

Standard Loading Port


Shipping Methods

Ocean shipment, air shipment, land transportation and multi-transportation, etc.

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