Aluminium Window and Door System

DEYUANNUO Door and Windows system was extablished in 2017, which is a sub brand of Guangyaun Aluminium. DEYUANNUO is a young team with energy and powerful working together with our customer. We fabricate a complete window or door with aluminium profiles from Guangyuan, with glass from the great Chinese Glazing company, and with accessories of the world toppest brand, KINLONG and SIEGENIA.

An entire range of Aluminium Window and Door System i.e. Sliding, Openable, Tilt & Turn, and Sliding Folding with depth of the profiles running from 55mm to 138mm to suit different conditions of opening sizes, wind load, smooth operability and of course affordability. Each system window with its unique properties shuts out disturbances like water, mosquito, noise, dust thereby aesthetically ensuring good view to the outside, good functionally and safety; filling your home with complete comfort!

With our Aluminium Window and Door System, we do:

1. Sharing your drawings, our technician team will help matching the best profile section, and the suitable thickness.

2. Confirming the glazing information, ie, glass thickness? tempered glass? double glass? Etc.

3. Selecting color and pattern for glazing and profiles.

4. Selecting your ideal hardware.

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