Aluminium Profile for Roller Shutter Door

Guangdong Guangyuan Aluminium Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, we are a professional  aluminium Roller Shutter manufacturers whom have around 30 years’ experience in producing aluminium profile for roller shutter door.

We have possessed mould tooling production lines, aluminium extrusion production lines, anodizing and electrophoresis production lines, powder coating lines and wooden color production lines. The aluminium profile for roller shutter door is usually painted with different colors. We also have ready moulds for aluminium profile for roller shutter door.

We supply large quantities of aluminium profile for roller shutter door to some European countries every year, such as Russia, Ukraine, France, Poland, America, and South America. Our aluminium profile for roller shutter door is approved with international standard and have good reputation from our customers all over the world. Beside supplying profiles, we can also help filled in PE foam into profiles and sell. 

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