What is a Fluorocarbon Coating Aluminium Profile?

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The aluminium profiles are commonly used across industrial automation applications including automated motion applications on process lines and industries throughout manufacturing. The fluorocarbon coating aluminium profile is used in solar energy related projects. The fluorocarbon coating is a liquid spraying process. The spraying equipment of industrial solar aluminium profile has a very good atomization effect that ensures the uniformity of the sprayed layer. The distribution of the metal particles in fluorocarbon coatings directly affects the appearance of the coatings. The fluorocarbon coating aluminium profile has excellent quality of a metallic gleam, bright color, and a three-dimensional sense. The fluorocarbon coatings also have a brilliant anti fade, anti frost, anti air pollution (acid rain, etc.) corrosion, anti UV ability, and strong crack resistance. It can also withstand harsh weather conditions due to its stable chemical properties. Nowadays, it is commonly used in auto vehicles, building curtain walls, high-grade windows and doors, etc.

Guangyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd. is one of the experienced aluminium profile suppliers in China. It was established in 1993. The company’s headquarter is located in the Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province where they produce different types of aluminium profiles for homes and industries. The company has developed its position in the domestic market and international as well. Their sales network has been expanded in 30 provinces and nearly most first-tier and second-tier cities within China and globally in countries like Malaysia, Australia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, France, Spain, Ghana, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Tanzania, Mali, Lebanon, UAE, etc.

Fluorocarbon spraying is used in many textile industries especially the curtain walls because it provides the surface treatment that is repellent to water, oil, and soil. The spray is a strong adhesive that blends on the surface as a decorative finish on curtain walls. Fluorocarbon is also used in homes because it is lightweight, fireproof, dustproof. The spray is supposed to last long, and you won’t see anywhere material peeling off, cracking, or flaking after a while. It is ideal for home curtain walls as well as office curtain walls due to its reliable characteristics.


Benefits of using Fluorocarbon aluminium profile: Some of the benefits of fluorocarbon aluminium profiles are listed below:

1. The fluorocarbon aluminium profiles have mechanical and chemical properties therefore, it is ideal for weather impacts.

2. The biggest advantage of the fluorocarbon aluminium profile is that it is strong, but lightweight and can be handled in any situation.

3. Fluorocarbon coated aluminum profiles come in a wide range of colors that can go well with any interior. Some people even add a glossy touch that feels smooth with touch and it absorbs ultraviolet rays.

4. The texture is well blended with the surface and the whole look is brilliant and perfect finished.

5. The fluorocarbon coated aluminium is durable, doesn’t get cracked or flaky over time and can last from 10 to 20 years easily.

Overall, one could say that aluminium is a good option for house furniture due to its portability, durability, beauty, and because it can survive any weather.

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