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Here at Guangyuan Aluminium Co., Ltd, we work with everything aluminium, and we specialize in the design, manufacturing ad sale of industrial aluminium profiles. We have been in business since 1993, operating from Foshan City in China. Through the past twenty years, we have gained loads of experience in both alluminium product manufacturing as well as serving our customers with all their aluminium needs. One of our most popular products includes our wide range of industrial aluminium profiles, manufactured with care and devotion to the industry. Our range of industrial aluminium profiles include all types of industrial profiles used for the manufacturing of aluminium heat sinks, drying rack profiles, aluminium solar panel frames, aluminium t-slot profiles, aluminium and glass railings and aluminium profiles for roller shutter doors to name but a few.


Our alluminium profiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, used mainly for the support and structural integrity of various structures. These include telescoping aluminium tubing, modular aluminium cabinets, solar panel support frames, aluminium structural framing, modular aluminium framing, extruded aluminium profiles, industrial aluminium extrusion, aluminium frame profile among others. More information on the range, shape and design of our aluminium profiles can be found on our website.


These profiles can be applied in such a diverse range of industry, including aerospace; machinery; transportation; water, solar and other forms of renewable energy as well as engineering and construction. Although we initially only specialized in architectural aluminium profiles, we were driven by consumer demand and the expansion of our company to an additional base in the Sanshui district of Foshan City in 2007, to elaborate our manufacturing to include industrial aluminium profiles. Accompanied by the expansion of our technical, research and development teams we have developed and improved our range of aluminium profiles to cater for your every need. Our modern and professional workshops and teams allow us to offer custom services to our clients, which includes manufacturing profiles to the shape and mold design of drawings provided by customers. Our services also include 6061, 6063, alloy and T5, T6 tempering treatment, while our industrial aluminium profiles will be mill finished and anodized to a thickness of 25µm, followed by powder coating of more than 60µm. Additionally, our deep processing workshop also provides cutting, punching, drilling and other custom services to all of our valuable customers.


As a result of our dedication, expertise and innovation, we have large customer base in China, but also export world wide. We provide unmatched customer service, coupled with quality products and affordable prices. More information is available from our user friendly and detailed website. Additionally, our team of trained sales representatives are standing by to assist you with any questions or orders. If you need aluminium profiles for your business, we at Guangyuan will be able to provide it. If you can find it on our website, consult with our friendly design team and we will accommodate you as far as possible.

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