There’s Nothing Cooler Than the Guangyuan Aluminium Heat Sink

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  • 2020-08-13
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As specialists in the aluminium industry, and due to the high thermal conductivity of aluminium, it was a natural progression for Guangyuan to develop an aluminium heat sink profile. Heat is probably one of the first and most common factors that negatively influence the workings of electronics and machinery. Through our extensive research and development, we now specialize in the large scale production of aluminum heat sinks suitable for a variety of applications that include electronics, electrical appliances, computer radiators, sunflowers and power semiconductors. These aluminium designs are perfectly suited to conduct heat away from energy intensive areas, thereby prolonging the life of your machines and appliances as they remain cooler for longer. The round extruded aluminum heat sink is also known as radiator aluminum profiles or sunflower aluminum profiles, particularly due to their shape and characteristically beautiful appearance. In addition, their shape and design makes them perfectly suited to conduct heat away from your electrical appliances. They are light weight and energy efficient with a corrosion and wear resistant anodized surface. As an added bonus, the aluminium metal presents with a clean look and feel.


The superior performance of these aluminium heat sink profile have gained popularity in the machinery, engineering, locomotive and automobile industries, while their functionality and energy efficiency renders them perfect for wind power generation, air compressors, as well as certain household appliances. At Guangyuan, we are always in pursuit of perfection and improved customer service, and as a result our extruded aluminum heatsinks can be shaped to our customers specific requirements, to perfectly suit their needs. Examples of shapes that we can manufacture includes fishbone-shaped, comb-shape, round or oval-shaped, as well as branching shaped heat sinks, which are all available from our website. In addition to personalized extrusions, Guangyuan also performs other secondary operations such as drilling, stamping and cutting of round extruded aluminum heat sinks, if needed by our customers.

We are an experienced company that has been excelling in the aluminium business for more than twenty years. We have adapted and specialized to design, manufacture and sell a wide range of aluminium products, that has over time equipped us with experience in the aluminium industry matched by few. We not only do business in mainland China, but also export our products to countries in Asia, Europe and Australia. With our roots firmly planted in quality, innovation and technology, we have firmly established ourselves as leaders in the heat sink design and manufacturing industry. For more information on all of the services we provide, as well as customization of heat sinks, you are welcome to visit our website. Alternatively you can contact us directly to speak to one of our experienced sales team, that can answer all of your questions and assist you in placing an order. Please also make sure to inquire about our packaging and shipment options for large scale orders. We are able to accommodate you with your specialized shipment requests, so that yo can receive your products as soon and safely as possible.

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