The Unbreakable Aluminum Frame Profile for All Construction Needs

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Nothing could be most disappointing like having poor construction materials input in your building. As a matter of fact, no building is constructed to last for days but all constructions are made to ensure that you enjoy a lasting durability.



Aluminum frame profiles are key when it comes to the construction industry. The reason to this, is due to the ease of using aluminum frame profiles. Additionally, the aluminum frame are also highly durable hence meeting the bare minimum of any frame profile used in constructions.



With many years of experience in construction of windows and doors, Guangyuan assures you of the best when it comes to the best aluminum frame profiles in the market.



Why go for Aluminum Frame Profiles?

Well, aluminum frame profiles are not the only frame profiles used in construction. However, their benefits outdo those of most other frame profiles used in construction. They are not only durable and easy to work on but also are perfect for decoration of the house.

Aluminum frame profiles will be easy to work on when it comes to decoration of houses. The reason to this, is the fact that different surface treatments can be done on aluminum frame profiles.

The several surface treatments that can be done on aluminum frame profiles include electrophoresis, anodizing, powder coating as well as wooden color. This is among many other forms of surface treatments done on frame profiles to give them extra amazing looks.



Quality of the Aluminum Frame Profiles by Guangyuan

Use of Best Quality parts Globally

To ensure that quality is maintained on any frame profiles you order, Guangyuan ensures that you receive what you deserve. This could be quite different with different varieties of aluminum door and window frames from different countries.

To provide the best quality, therefore, Guangyuan exports its several parts from different countries globally. This, therefore, makes its aluminum frame profiles to be very competitive as they use the best quality parts only.



Some of the main countries from which Guangyuan exports its products include; South America, East Europe, south East Asia, Africa, Middle East and many other parts of the world. With this, therefore, you can be sure to have the best quality in the market.

Customization on Customer Needs

Not only does Guangyuan make ready-made aluminum frame profiles. In addition to this, they provide customization on the specific customer needs. All that you need is to provide them with your drawing as well as samples.

With the samples and drawing on the aluminum frame profiles you need, Guangyuan will be glad to deliver the best you ever looked forth to receive.



Advantages of using Aluminum Frame Profiles

Unlike using wooden windows and doors or even the plastic windows and windows, aluminum frame profiles on your window and door come with extra advantages. Below are some of the major advantages you will enjoy from the use of the aluminum frame profiles;

  • High durability
  • Easy to use material
  • High recycling rate hence making it quite cheaper compared to most frame profiles in the market
  • Corrosion resistance giving it a plus on its durability



Product Specs

  • Maintains a quality standard through its China National Standard GB/T 5237-2008 (High Precision Class), China National Standard GB/T 6892-2006(High Precision Class)
  •  Has a quality certification of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, CQM Certification
  • Several surface treatments done to produce the best which includes; anodizing, electrophoresis, power coating, fluorocarbon coating , polishing as well as wood imitation
  • Contains a minimum Order Quantity of 500kgs to 3,000kgs
  • Features all the different Aluminum alloys in the market

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