The Benefits of Modular Aluminum Extrusions

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  • 2021-03-20
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Modular aluminum extrusions have a wide variety of framing applications. Each of these aluminum modular extrusions is equipped with inclined groove flanks that are engineered to give profile designs to ensure the benefit of controlled elastic deformation to modular connections, optimizing the strength of all connections. Hence, those profiles are best-fit for several structural applications and do not need welding or certain instruments for assembly. Keeping in view the usage of modular aluminum extrusions, many aluminum profile factories have started manufacturing modular extrusions from aluminum. 



Here in China, you can find several manufacturers of modular aluminum extrusion. Each of these aluminum profile factory claims to manufacture good quality aluminum extrusions, so choosing the best among them is a challenging task. But nothing to worry about as we are here to guide you. Guangyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd is the number 1 manufacturer of architectural construction profiles such as doors, windows, and curtain walls. Guangyuan has been manufacturing top-quality aluminum extrusions since its establishment. There has been much development and expansion in its Research and Development team and Technician team that has introduced diverse types of industrial profiles over the past few years. An example of such development and expansion is a modular aluminum extrusion. A lot of effort has been put into research, testing, and improvement by Guangyuan to introduce the best modular aluminum extrusions. At present, the factory does not own a system catalog for this extrusion but is working hard to proceed further step by step. Guangyuan has been renowned as the first-class t slot aluminum extrusion factories because it offers different shapes or types of profiles such as hollow, solid, and semi-hollow. 



There are several applications and benefits of modular aluminum extrusions. Here we are going to share a few advantages of using aluminum modular extrusions. Let’s have a look. 

1-Construction industry

The key application of modular aluminum extrusion is in the construction industry. Aluminum is a strong and flexible metal and has several applications in construction areas.

2-Home decoration

Home decoration has also become a popular industry since the past few years. Modular aluminum extrusions have great usage in home decoration. 

3-Lightweight and durable

Aluminum alloy profile is lightweight and can be molded into any shape. Furthermore, aluminum alloy is sustainable and durable. 

4-Easy and simple to assemble

Modular aluminum extrusions work the best in conjunction and are quite easy and simple to assemble. 

5-Can be customized



Another best thing about modular aluminum extrusion is that it can be customized. Aluminum profile factories can customize them to provide an aesthetic, stylish, and modern design. 

Features of Modular Aluminum Extrusion



Modular aluminum extrusions by Guangyuan include the following features. 

  • 6000-grade series
  • Alloy
  • T4-T6 temper
  • Surface treatment with a mill finish, wood grain, powder coating, fluorocarbon coating, brush, electrophoresis, polishing, anodizing, etc. 
  • China National Standard GB/T 5237-2008 quality standard
  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, CQM Certification, SGS quality certificate 
  • Easy to clean and fabricate
  • Offer long operating life 
  • 10-20 years guarantee for the surface finish for indoor use 
  • 0.5mm-20mm profile thickness 
  • 12,500 tons monthly production capacity 
  • MOQ is 500kgs for every item

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