Optimally-Strong Bending Aluminum Extrusion

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One amazing thing with aluminum is that it can be bent to specific tolerances it can hold or some of the definined standard tolerances to ensure that it retains its strength. Bending aluminum extrusions are essential in any construction industry considering that most constructions will require bending of the frames used to fit the design incorporated in the construction.

Guangyuan being one of the best professional aluminum extrusion companies globally, you are sure to have the best bending extrusion for your construction. As a matter of fact, it is specialized in production aluminum extrusion profiles hence centering on quality on its productions.

How is Bending Aluminum Extrusion Prepared in Guangyuan

The preparation process of bending aluminum extrusion is essential in realizing the strength you will enjoy in using the bending aluminum extrusion you order.

With the use of the advanced production equipment, Guangyuan has been able to maintain a constant production line which is of high quality products. For the bending aluminum extrusions, Guangyuan incorporates the use of production equipment of advanced technology imported from Switzerland and Japan.

Furthermore, Guangyuan uses a casting production workshop together with an aluminum melting production workshop which are essential in production of the top-grade aluminum bars that use pure aluminum materials. This as a result, ensures that quality is maintained in the whole process to avoid weak structures on the completion of construction.

High purity aluminum material is additionally used which ensures that there is no compromise on the quality of the bending aluminum extrusion produced in the final stage.

Designing the bending of the aluminum extrusion

The designing process of the bending aluminum extrusion gives the success of the aluminum extrusions produced by Guangyuan. The designing process will center in ensuring that the product’s appearance, tolerance as well as its strength are well maintained.

Guangyuan has its own professional manufacturing engineers who are implemental in the design phase of the project. As a result of this, they come up with the optimal shaping, bending and formation of the extruded product that will result in elegant design in the market.

Additionally, Guangyuan provides customized bending aluminum extrusions with all that is needed being an idea of what is needed portrayed from samples of other works or also providing the drawing on the customization you need. With this, the highly-skilled designers will have the final product ready for you without any worries.

Machines and Materials used in the Production process

Much care is carried out in the production process of the bending aluminum extrusion with the aim of giving the best quality in the market. As a result of this, Guangyuan uses advanced machines together with high quality materials to ensure it maintains quality in the whole process.

Some of the major machines used in the process are the punching machines, CNC production machines as well as the aluminum bending machines. These machines incorporate the use of an up-to-date technology which is responsible for high quality aluminum extrusion produced.

In addition to this, the material used in making the bending aluminum extrusion is from purely 6000 series aluminum allow which is very strong for high tolerance.

Product Specs

· Undergoes several surface treatment which includes powder coating, anodizing, mill finish, wooden color, electrophoresis, fluorocarbon coating and many more

· Minimum order quantity is of 500kgs on each item

· A production capacity of 12,500 tons is done monthly

· A guarantee use of surface finish lasting for 10 to 20 years for indoor usages

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