Need Aluminium Profiles for Your Cloth Hangers? Check out the Guangyuan to Get Quality Aluminium Profiles

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  • 2020-08-13
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Guangyuan is one of the biggest aluminum extrusion profile factories in China. They have an extensive setup to produce aluminium profiles for different applications including clothes hanger pipe profile, industrial aluminium profiles and architecture aluminium profiles among other profiles. Aluminium being used in various industries is not a secret and this is the reason that there are different kinds of aluminium panels. Each industry can use aluminium panels according to their niche. Aluminium profiles being in use for furniture is also a new trend.

The wooden furniture has its own grace but now we have been seeing furniture made with aluminium profiles. And this doesn’t stop at furniture, it can be used in the interior decoration of homes, offices, and other commercial buildings as well. Even on normal occasions, we see that the aluminium profiles are installed in house windows, doors whereas interior aluminium profiles can be seen at curtain walls, closets, cabinets, and on wall frame depending on the architecture of many homes. One thing that you have not noticed before is that there is a special kind of clothes hanger pipe profile that is used in most closets and it is being used in many boutiques and clothing stores. One of that kind is being manufactured in the factories of Guangyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd. The company is located in Foshan, China and they manufacture high-quality aluminium profiles.

Here is a little detail about the clothes hanger pipe profile.

Usually, the company manufacture clothes hanger pipe profile with the finish of anodizing, electrophoresis fluorocarbon coating, polished, brushed, mill finishing, and wooden color. These colors are widely popular as they are used in the sliding wardrobe doors. The temper is T4, T5, T6 respectively. The material for them is 6000 series aluminium alloy and the thickness could be 0.5mm ~ 20mm. The Coating Film Thickness can range from 8~25um for anodizing film and 40~120um for powder coating film.

As mentioned before, Guangyuan manufactures high-quality aluminium profiles for different industries so they have made a catalog for popular aluminium profiles. This catalog is shown to the potential clients, so they get the idea before ordering in bulk. If the customer likes them and wants to go with one of the designs in the catalog, well and good but if they don’t approve of designs in the catalog and want to have a customized design, the company can do that too. Clients can provide their designs in the form of drawing or graphic representation. For the first time, they offer a free sample. The company cooperates with HOTATA for more than 10 years. So, they offer a secondary process for these aluminium clothes hanger extrusions profiles such as hole drilling and cutting. Once the client confirms the sample for further manufacturing, it takes 15 to 25 days to make the order ready and delivered. The company does business overseas so they can export the aluminium profiles.


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