Get Longer Lasting Solar Panels with Protective Aluminium Frames

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  • 2020-08-13
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Guangyuan is the leading aluminium solar panel frame manufacturers in China. More formally known as Guangyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd, we are an experienced aluminum manufacturer, established in 1993. With our headquarters located in Dali Town, Foshan City, we have expanded our operations to an additional production base in Sanshui District, Foshan. This has enables us to become a large-scale comprehensive aluminium solar panel designers, manufacturers and suppliers with expertise in the combination of aluminium alloy profile research, development, production and sales. We also specialize in the design and manufacturing of various aluminum alloy products, and our merchandise can be categorized into architectural aluminium profiles that include aluminum room partition profiles, industrial aluminium profiles, including solar panel frames, aluminium window and door systems and aluminium furniture.


Solar power has gained popularity not only in peoples homes, but also in industrial settings across the globe. It provides clean efficient energy by converting the suns heat into electricity stored in batteries, that can be used to charge a cellphone or power a car. It is a renewable source of energy that does not pollute, and is thus much better our long term well being than most current sources of energy. Solar cells are created an fashioned into large panels that can be mounted on anything from roofs to special stands to receive sunlight. These panels are all individually supported by frames that protect the fragile solar cells, and keep them in position.


Through our specialization in alluminium, and in combination with its lightweight strength, we have designed and manufactured the perfect protective alluminium solar pane frame. These designs can be customized to suite each customers requirements for shape and dimensions, so each client can have exactly what they want. These frames mainly serve the purpose of protecting the edge of the glass from chipping or breaking, while improving the overall mechanical strength of the panels. In addition, each aluminium frame solar panel is furnished with a silica gel edge to properly seal off all the electrical components from wind and rain. As a specialist in the alluminium industry, Guangyuan can also mass produce these frames for clients in less than 25 days. All frames are then individually wrapped for protection, before being paced in carton boxes and stacked on wooden pallets for easy transport.


At Guangyuan we are driven by a pursuit of perfection, quality and style in the aluminium solar panel frames we produce. As leaders in the industry, we have become a household name so to speak, not only for the manufacturing of quality aluminium products, but also for our dedication to costumer service. Our products are sold in more than 20 provinces in China as well as autonomous regions all over the country, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Our company motto reads “Survival via quality, innovation by technology, benefits through scales and improvement through brand development". It is with this spirit that we recommend  our alluminium solar panel frames to you. You can view our aluminium solar panel frames online here, and you can contact us directly via the website for any queries or questions or to place an order. 

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