A Quick Introduction to Modern Casement Windows

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  • 2021-03-20
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 Modern casement windows feature an exclusive rotating handle with a minimalistic design approach. These windows are installed with a pretty straight configuration where there is an exclusive rotating handle design. Our minimalistic hardware is designed for superior functionality and different sizes are available as well. It can go well with any classic or contemporary style home architect. Thermal break aluminum windows are great because these windows have national appearance patents and adopt Cadillac design. 



If you opt for a thermal break casement window as compared to a regular one, it will be a flexible and comfortable solution for you. In these windows, automotive-grade foam composite tape is used to make thermal break aluminum windows better watertight, airtight and sound insulation performance. These windows can be used for swing door, opposite door and child door, and it can be equipped with a protective aluminum grille. These modern casement windows can be used in residential houses, commercial buildings, luxurious villas, modular houses, prefab houses, and steel structure houses. 



Guangdong Guangyuan Aluminium Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company that makes aluminum and other modern casement windows. The company is located in Foshan, China. The company was established in 1993 and since then they have been manufacturing the best quality products. They export their aluminum windows to other countries as well. Here, we will be talking about their new venture in which they manufacture modern casement windows. 



55 Series Thermal break casement windows

The modern casement window frame material is aluminium alloy and they feature an open swing style of window. The mesh material is stainless steel and fiberglass however the surface treatment could be anodizing, electrophoresis, powder coating, wood grain or fluorocarbon coating. The window casements come in the following colors including silver, champagne, bronze, white, charcoal, black, brown, gray, and wooden colors.



For glazing type, there are options for tempered glazing, tinted glazing, frosted glazing, reflective glazing, laminated glazing and LOW-E glazing. The glazing thickness could be 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Retractable screen, fixed screen and sliding screen. For sealing, these windows have the Chinese famous brand silicone and EPDM strips. 



The quality standard AS2047 is issued to these 55 Series Thermal break casement windows. There are other quality certificates issued to this product including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, CQM Certification, SGS. The Glass Standard for this type of window is AS2208. You can use different glass type on your thermal casement windows. There are options for tempered glass, tinted glass, frosted glass, reflective glass, laminated glass, and LOW-E glass. For these 55 Series Thermal break casement windows, people can use 6063-T5 high quality thermal/non-thermal break aluminum profile. For such modern casement windows, the profile thickness should be 1.4mm for windows and 2.0mm for doors. If you want double tempered glazing: 4+12A+4mm, 5+9A+5mm, 5+12A+5mm, 5+15A+5mm, 5+19A+5mm, and 6+12A+6. As for the mesh material, stainless steel security mesh, diamond mesh, aluminum security mesh, and fiberglass flyscreen could be chosen. As for hardware, their options include the KINLONG, HOPPE, HOPO, SIEGENIA AUBI, CMECH. These windows are guaranteed with 10 years to 20 years.



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