Aluminum Channel Extrusions-Greater Design Flexibility Now within Your Reach

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  • 2021-06-21
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Aluminum channel extrusions are becoming increasingly popular as engineering designers request materials that are light weight, sturdy, and corrosion resistant. They have a vision, creativity and are always on the lookout for materials to meet the consistently demanding thermal, aesthetic, structural, and acoustic hurdles of the current era. An undeniable choice for designing architects is the aluminum channel extrusions with their interesting properties, making them a natural accomplice for many applications.


GUANGYUAN Aluminium company limited which was established in 1933, is one of the highest quality aluminum profile suppliers based in Foshan city, China. At GUANGYUAN, we have an extensive portfolio of aluminum alloy products, which can be separated into four main categories which include, Industrial aluminum profiles, Aluminium window and door systems, Architectural aluminum profiles, and Aluminium furniture.  At GUANGYUAN, we have a team of highly trained professionals who have extensive experience with aluminum and fabrication facilities that allow us to produce metal products for a wide range of architectural, industrial, domestic, and retail applications. Our high-quality products are not only shipped to different cities in China, but we have been able to expand our sales network to  Vietnam, Mauritius, France, Lebanon, Thailand, Japan, Dubai, etc.

With the world moving towards a more eco-friendly approach, we at GUANGYUAN  have found more sustainable solutions to construction material. Keeping this approach in mind, we have launched the GY001 U Channel Aluminium Extrusions. The GY001 belongs to the 6000 series, which is commonly composed of 6061 aluminum alloy which gives it the additional benefit over steel as it has greater heat resistance and good finishing characteristics. The U channel aluminum extrusions are composed of two equal-sized sides connected to the bottom of the channel. The aluminum channel extrusions have been treated to T4 and T6, which gives them extra strength and more temperature resistance. These aluminum U channel extrusions offer the advantage of lightweight yet strong structural support, which makes them ideal for use in heavy-duty structures such as marine components, furniture, general structural and high pressure applications, railroad cars, and in pipelines. The GY001 undergoes a series of treatments to give it the desired color as demanded by the customer. In addition to this, it also undergoes polishing, fluorocarbon, and carbon coating as well which makes it more flexible and gives it a more durable finish protecting it from scratching and flaking. When selecting these U shaped channel aluminum extrusions for construction, they provide you with the option of drilling, bending, punching and offer a more precise cutting which leaves no room for error. With their low cost recyclability and high rate of scrap recovery, these U-shaped aluminum channels are environmentally sustainable and highly economical building material. Recovering scrap also takes up only a small of energy, less than 5% which makes it the top choice of our engineers. At GUANGYUAN, we give our customers the option to get their products customized according to their needs if they don’t find their required product in the catalog. Our highly talented design team will closely work with you so you can get high quality products for your brand.

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